Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Crafts

So I finished these things a while back, but didn't want to post pictures until they were officially unveiled at our halloween party.

Here is my roommate Jenny with her Corgi-WeinerDog Kodi. I made his Candy Corn pet costume as a heavily modified version of this pattern which I found on Ravelry. Kodi is a lil chunky, so instead of working the yellow section in rounds, it is a belt that buttons at his belly. He didn't mind the costume at all and wore it all night.

My costume was the Liquor Fairy! I made garters that would hold flasks to match the shirt that I made from scrap fabric in my bin. The shirt pattern is from the new Generation-T book. I also crocheted the bandoleer and belt using a granny square style pattern, which allowed me to take the little holsters I made for the liquor bottles and slip those in between the shell stitches. I made the wings out of old beer boxes my bar tending friend Angela brought home from the bar for me. I made my tiara out of bottle caps, by drilling small holes in them and then using wire to secure them together. My wand is just a dowel with paint, ribbon, and a shot glass

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