Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zil Mufflers

So, Vicky got me turned on to Tribal Style Bellydance, and now I find myself wandering around the house playing my zils to practice. My teacher, Jennifer, suggested zil covers to silence them a bit so that I don't terrorize the cats and dogs (but its so much fun!). Of course, my response was, "I can make that!"

And so I did.

The pattern is one I must have found through Ravelry ages ago, and I bookmarked the website with tons of bellydance stuff for vicky.

And here's how it turned out:


  1. So the pattern says to use sock weight yarn and a 3.5mm hook. All I've got currently is worsted weight (good old red heart!) and a 5.5mm hook.I stitched this up real quick, without the elastic since I didn't have any handy at the moment and I was just testing it anyway. Seemed a little big. Any way to scale it down a smidge, or should I just get the sock weight and 3.5mm hook?

  2. I did a few sets with sock weight and 3.4mm hook and they worked great. I used little girls size hair bands (which i got in a 100 pack at the dollar store) to save time with elastic. The set in the picture is made with a 3.5mm hook and worsted weight. I remember the 3dctog being a nasty stitch to do with that yarn and hook, but worth it as they seemed to be more muffly than the sock weight ones.