Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plarn Beach Bag

So if you haven't seen it yet, check out my tutorial on how to turn old plastic grocery bags into plarn:

This skein of plarn was made from  35 walmart bags, donated from April. The flower is Shop-N-Save bags from when I lived in Missouri and actually shopped there.

Hook: 11mm

Start by making a ch 14. Sc in the first st from the hook and in every st across. At the end, DO NOT TURN. make another 2 sc in the last st, which should bring you around to the back of the base ch. Sc in each st across. Work the remainder of the bag in a spiral until it is the desired shape. For the handles on this bag, I did a fdsc until it was the right length, sl st back onto the body of the bag, ch 1, and sc in each st of the fdsc row. The bind off, and re-attach for the next handle. The flower was improvised.

If you want the bottom of your bag to be bigger (rounder) on your first round of spiral, just do 2sc in each st as you go around the curves at the end. Want it even bigger? do 2sc in every other st on the next spiral round.

Its not a huge beach bag, but it goes over my shoulder, and it fits my towel, water bottle, tanning lotion, and a spare t-shirt and shorts.