About Me!

My name is Andrea, and I'm addicted to crafting! I've been sewing and glue-gunning ever since I was old enough, and I've been doing crochet and knitting for about ten years. I learned to knit as a stress relief, and I've switched to crochet for the most part, because I now find knitting to be more stressful most of the time!

I started blogging in 2010, mainly to keep in touch with fellow cosplayers, and share the struggles we face trying to make a great costume out of nothing. I'd never written my own pattern before, though I can't say I'd never made heavy modifications on an existing one. Nowadays I like to mix my original patterns and the ones I can find for free online, and of course I love sharing them with you! I seriously appreciate the hard work of every other blogger out there, who chooses to share their free patterns with me and the rest of the world, and I think its only right that I do the same.

When I'm not crocheting, I'm busy with my full time job as a Doctor of Chiropractic & Holistic Nutrition. I also try to spend time with my wonderful husband, Ryan, and our two rescue German-Shepherd mix dogs, Sienna and Baxter. I have a million other hobbies as well. I love running, playing videogames, community theater, and travelling wherever and whenever I get the chance. I also love camping, bellydance, rock climbing, haunted houses, scuba diving, and tons of other things that I either just can't keep up with or can't do year-round.

We are currently expecting our first child, a baby boy due in October 2015, so forgive me for not keeping the blog as updated as it once was!

You can follow me on Pinterest, or on Ravelry if you'd like to see more of my inspiration. If you're interested in healthy recipes or other health information, check out my professional Blog.


  1. I was attracted to the title of your Blogs name Andreas I thought "Now this is a lady who seems to be honest in her 'crafts' and be able to talk about them". ME well, that's me me I tend to stuff up a lot in my crotchet
    I don't have a blog. I don't crotchet enough to publish anything so a bit of inspiration from your blog Andrea will go a long way in helping me and of course the lovely free patterns are always a blog getterer lol.

    Look forward to hopefully one day chatting with you Andrea.

    Regards from a fellow crotcheter and friend in Ozzy

    Lori & dah dog Shiloh

  2. You are amazingly innovative. I have been sitting here reading through your blog and looking at your gorgeous creations for far too long. Kudos to you for sharing, for your talent, and your creativity.

  3. I also liked the name of your blog. You are a very busy woman. I am going to make your popular scarf. Thanks for sharing it.