Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just keep crochetting....

As always, too many projects in progress. Working on a shrug for Vicky out of the skein that she gave me. Its looking pretty cute, and I am about half-way. To my surprise, the partly-used skein seems to have enough on it to make the shrug as the pattern calls for, plus I may be able to make the sleeves a bit longer how Vicky wants. I do have a bit of black yarn that is the same fuzzy texture, and I plan to edge it all with some black shell stitches.

I finished the first of the blankets for the Humane Society, and I have put that task on hold while I finish Vicky's shrug (that I have been promising her for ages) and since it is finally getting chilly, I think she can make use of it as soon as its finished.

I am also still in progress on my Avalon sweater, but it too is on hold while I work on everything else. I would like to get it finished so that I can wear it by Christmas, but then again, I have plenty of other things to work on before then. I always like to have some kind of crochet project to sit and work on while with the rest of the family on Thanksgiving, so maybe that's when it will get finished.

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