Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Crochet

I have been working still on a number of projects, and that's always the way it goes. I have tabled my Avalon Sweater at least until I get some more things checked off my list. I have completed 2 blankets for the humane society, but I plan to keep working on those and using up as much scrap yarn as I can in the process. Ali wants a hat for her early-christmas present (no point in waiting until christmas when she'll have graduated already) and maybe a doggie sweater for her cute little Sadie (the Cavalier cockerspaniel).

I made Kodi (Jenny's weiner doggie) a candy corn sweater for his halloween costume. I worked my own pattern, but I used a pattern I found on Ravelry for inspiration. Kodi's has more of a belt and button method around his belly because he's a little chunky.

I was at a loss for my own halloween costume. The concept is easy: I'm going to be the Liquor Fairy, everyone's favorite halloween fairy! So I have spent the last year collecting bottlecaps and little mini bottles of rum and vodka and such to build my costume. I wired the bottlecaps together to make a tiara, but I was stuck on how to attach all the little bottles onto my belt. I wanted to be able to remove them at will and serve them to people. So, I decided to play to my strengths and crochet! Each bottle sits in a little round base, with a strap that carries up to the neck of the bottle and around. I think it should work. Now I just have to finish all the little crochet liquor holsters, and figure out where, besides the traditional belt, I will attach them to my costume.

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