Friday, August 20, 2010

Raiders of the Lost Costume Closet

Got to Michigan around 2pm today. Dad was on a conference call, so I amused myself by raiding what is left of my once glorious costume closet. Yes, the really impressive victorian pieces (a lace/velvet overcoat, and an underskirt made of LAYERS of pleated silk) either got donated to the theater or ran away with Julia, but there were still some good pieces yet to be had.

The Black lace shirt is REALLY pretty, its just WAY too small for me. I picked it up at salvation army years ago for my sister, but since then my step-sister has been the only one small enough to wear it. I would guess its a size 6. The coat is my dad's old Make-we-merry piece. I think it would look good with a hat or belt, but those are easy enough to come by. The last dress is one we used as our "victorian school girl's wear". It is full length, and stretchy, so i think it fit me when i was a size 12, but i didn't bother trying it on too see.

This skirt made me SO happy to find it! It has been in storage for so long that I think the trim is starting to come off, but that is an easy fix. The panel in the front has a matching vented panel in the back which makes a slight train. So pretty, but it doesn't fit me anymore. I have several sets of hooks-and-eyes in the back, so I think it will fit sizes 6-8, maybe smaller. It doesn't fit me though :(

Like I said, some of the really nice pieces have disappeared, but they may turn up in some other area of the house. There is also the chance that I can get them back from the theater if I really get desperate.

I plan to raid the workshop and see if there are any useful metal pieces laying around that I may be able to get my hands on. If I am really lucky, I can get my dad re-interested in victorian costuming and the whole steampunk thing, and he'll help me out with some of the metal and wood work.

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