Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adventures in Steampunk

So, the plan is to make steampunk costumes for Gencon 2011 and any other occaision where we can find to wear said costumes. I am still hopeful that the costume closet i left behind in michigan will have some remnants of victorian costuming from bygone days, but I can't count on it.

Bought some modeling clay at Joann's the other day, and let Sam and Crystal go at the molding and cutting of said clay into gears and cogs. Painted those a bit last night and they look pretty good. I'm hoping to apply the make-and-paint concept to random other artifacts that don't involve me spending a fortune on actual gears and such.

Still working on making lace with the blue lace-weight yarn I got from Meg ages ago. I also bought a bunch of metallic thread for the purpose of lace-making, but its terrible to work with. Thinking embroidery may be the only way to go with that.

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