Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Put a Button over it

Yeah, that's the great thing about steampunk. If you screw up, you can put a gear or a brass button over it.

Crystal has started the sewing of her pleather corset, and Sam is currently disassembling a clock which my dad donated to salvage the gears. I just finished making a blue lace choker which I am rather proud of. This thing has been taking up all of my crochet efforts for the past couple of weeks, and I am thoroughly happy to see it finished.

 Here's how it looks when its on:

I found the pattern through Ravelry: http://www.theanticraft.com/archive/lugh06/asphyxiation.htm
I would eventually like to add a brass button or copper gear to the center of the rosette.
I did modify the pattern by adding a few ch5 loops to secure the rosette to the individual motifs, and I added some ch10 loops for button holes.

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