Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Purse of Many Pockets

The new purse!
So, I should have published this months ago, but I've been busy. I needed a new purse and I just couldn't find one that I liked with the right amount of pockets/dividers and the right price. I hate throwing my phone in my purse and having it ring and ring and eventually go to voicemail while I dig around trying to find it.

"I just put you in here! How are you on the bottom already!"

Anyways, I decided to venture again into the world of sewing and make my own purse. I found this free pattern online and decided to run with it.

I added an extra pocket on the end so that both ends have an elastic pocket, and I omitted one of the side pockets. Inside, there is the big zipper pocket and a plain pocket on the opposite side that I made large enough to hold my kindle. I didn't use a pleather bottom, just more of the same fabric I had, and I did construct it a bit differently by sewing the ends onto the bottom and THEN sandwiching on the sides.

My straps are also longer, since I like wearing my purses cross-body for walking through the grocery store. Both of the D-rings are on the same side, so that I could get longer straps, and so that I can put my keys there. D-rings are really pointless though, plain circles would have been better.

I also added a zipper on top instead of a magnet clasp because my purse loves to jump off the front seat of my car and dump out everything onto the floor.      No. Bad purse.

Anyways, here's more pictures of the finished product!

Closer view so that you can see all the pockets!

Outside Elastic Pocket
Inside Elastic Pocket

All of the Inside Pockets (4 total, 2 elastic, 1 zipper, + kindle pocket)