Monday, September 19, 2011

Crafts Where Art Thou?

So, I haven't stopped crochetting, I just haven't had pictures to post.

I did make myself a laptop case out of a leftover skein of homespun (freehand), and I made my step-sister a cute shrug hat from a pattern on ravelry, which unfortunately has a broken link where the pattern should be. I might make another, in which case I'll post my version of it.

I also made a "Swiffer Sock" which is my new favorite project:
Since I can never remember to buy more swiffer pads at the store, AND its more eco friendly, AND I'm trying to clear out my yarn stash.

Oh, and it finally hit me: Christmas is sneaking up on us!!!
I had a bunch of stashed yarn from last year's Black Friday sales that was reserved to make my dad a sweater. At some point I decided to knit it instead of crochet, and then I somehow screwed up the gauge (which I ALWAYS do when I knit) and it ended up in my pile of UFOs. So last week I decided to crochet it instead (which was the original plan) and attempt to get it done in time for christmas. I also picked up a few skeins to make hats and scarves and dishtowels and smaller holiday projects. SO MANY PROJECTS! But at least this time people know what they're getting. No secrets means I can work on their projects in front of them. Its a nice change of pace.