Monday, May 14, 2012

Swimsuit Cover-Up

Saw a swimcuit cover-up on pinterest a while back. Various tutorials (Like this one) are now floating about on how to make one. I figured I'd give it a go.

Problem #1 was not being able to find an affordable fabric that I liked. I wanted a knit, but I couldn't find any solid colors that made me happy. Eventually, I settled on a knit that didn't have anywhere near enough stretch to it, but TOTALLY matched my favorite polka-dot bikini top.

Overall, I took a 1.5 yd rectangle of fabric and draped it around. The upper corners were trimmed off and made way for the straps, and I hemmed the bottom with a rounded shape. I'm not a huge fan of how the top fits in the middle, but I tried it with the straps shorter, and it didn't want to behave in terms of covering the "girls", so I opted for a longer strap that would keep me better covered.

I'm super excited about my trip to Mexico at the end of the month! Hence the fact that I didn't want to wait around to find the perfect fabric. (This was clearance, at $3/yd). However, knowing how simple this was to make, I'd definitely be willing to try my hand at another one, and I'll keep my eyes on the clearance racks and remnant bins.


  1. Super cute! I've used a tutorial for making harem pants, and made capris-length pants from it to use as beach cover ups. Pair with a lacy crocheted top = pretty & comfy!

  2. This is really cute and I love the rounded bottom!