Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eco Stitches and Wish Stitches

So last weekend, I had a great time volunteering at the Green Street Fair! It was an awesome event! Even though I was there in a professional capacity, I used some of my down time to make an eco-friendly Bag, made out of my plastic yarn. We have nicknamed this project "Bagception" as it is a bag made out of bags.
I finished it last night, and passed it off to my office assistant Kylie, since she wanted one as a beach bag.

I'm in progress on a queen sized afghan for the boyfriend, and another lace brcelet for myself. The afghan is a slow-go, but the bracelet is almost done. I find I need little projects to space my progress on the never-ending ones. I have 2 other projects that are WIPs and gifts, so I can't post those just yet, but there are also a few I've been drooling over on Ravelry and Pinterest.

This EPIC Parasol looks incredible and is made out of cheapo RedHeart, and the best part is that it is a modified FREE Pattern. I love free!

I also found a cool idea, where you Crochet around Rope Lights in a circle to make a glow-mat. I can't see myself using this as a carpet, but wouldn't this be a cool way to make a light for a child's room? I have a few more girlfriends who are expecting yet this summer, maybe that would be an epic baby gift!

I have a pair of Custom Sweater Boots that I've been working on since January, though I put them down since the weather warmed up.

I have been meaning to make myself a cardigan for ages, but it had never happened, and I bought the yarn for a vest as well, and that has also been left to the wayside. Plus I have the sweater I'm knitting for my dad. I've frogged it twice and set it aside more times than that. Who knows, maybe I'll finish it this year....

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  1. So many neat things! The Green Fair sounds awesome! That parasol is beautiful & could make a great gift or accessory for a bridal party. And I've never thought to have a pair of sweater boots, but my goodness those are cute! Might have to make a pair once I find a pair of shoes to destroy...

    Keep up the good work, Madame Crafter! I'm jealous of your crafty productivity!