Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scarlett's Springtime Baby Set

My sorority sister, Jennifer, is pregnant with her first child, a little girl to be named Scarlett. This is the set I made for her baby shower.

For all Projects -
Hook: 3.5mm
Yarn: Red Heart Baby
Size: 3-6 Months

- Click Here for Pattern Link
I didn't heavily modify this pattern, I just left off the little sleeves and did 1 row of hdc sts along the inside where it buttons. Somehow it ended up being a little wider along the circle than the pictures show, but thats just more room for little babies to crawl! The button closure was replaced with a velcro one, for ease of dressing. I liked the look of the buttons, so I sewed those on the front anyways. Flowers added are simple puff-stitch mollies - Click Here for Tutorial.

Ruffle-Butt Diaper Cover - Click Here for Pattern Link
This one was a heavily modified version of the 0-3 month pattern. Still a bit large for a newborn. Start with 1/4" elastic instead of 1/2". Work rounds 1-10 as written. Work round 11 such that the first and last 17 sts are worked in the back loop only. This leaves the front loop for where you can attach the ruffle later. This also establishes the back center. Work the pattern for row 10 twice more, then repeat row 11 (as rows 12-14). Repeat row 10 twice more (as rows 15-16). Bind off your yarn, and re-attach 12 sts to the right of center. Follow pattern as written for row 14 (first row of "crotch) but in back loops only. Follow pattern as written for remainder of patten, through row 33.

Ruffle Butt: Attach yarn at the end of one of the front loop lines left at rows 11, 14, and 17. Ch 1 + 2sc in first st and 2sc in each loop across. Ch 1 and turn. (sc + ch1) twice into each st across. Switch colors. With new color, ch1 and sc in each st across. If the ends of your ruffle won't stay put, tack them down with a small piece of scrap yarn. Repeat on each of the remaining front loop lines.
Booties - Click Here for Pattern Link
Heavily modified this design. Work rounds 1-2 as written. Rounds 3-4 simple dc in each st around instead of increasing by 1st. Skip to instructions for row 6 leaving a 2-3 st gap for the foot. Stop at row 8 and sl st the heel shut. I completely changed the cuff, so see my pattern notes below.

Cuff: attach yarn at the heel. Sc in each st around in same color as foot. sl st through the first st of the round, switching to second color. 3dc in each st around with second color to create the ruffle cuff.

UPDATE: Scarlett looks adorable in her springtime set! (Too bad its fall!)


  1. Hi, When you click onto the link for the pattern its in another lanuage and it looks like possibly the orginial pattern, not your cute version as you show. Is there a link to your updated version in English? Thanks Esther

  2. Hi! I thought i recognized the pattern... And what a nice surprise... When i clicked on the link it was one of mine! Thanks for visiting my blog, working one of my patterns and linking back to me! Your version is very nice and looks lovely paired with the ruffled panties.

  3. Hi, the pattern owner of the Dress has been deleted. I can't download it and I can't find other English source. Please help. Iris

    1. Oh no! I actually don't have a copy of this pattern saved anywhere! I will keep my eyes open though!