Saturday, May 21, 2011

Big Sister Ripple Afghan

For her birthday, my younger sister asked for a blanket that would help tie together the different items of furniture in her living room. She has a brown sofa, a burgundy wingback chair, and a light brown rug with hints of sage green and ivory. So I put something together for her to use on the back of her couch and bring all the colors into one place. Pity that I finished it 3 months after her birthday.

Big Sister Afghan(Ripple Afghan using Shell Stitches)

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Solids
1 skein  each of Navy, Mocha, Buff, Frosted Green, Brown, and  2 Skeins of Burgundy
(and I still have leftovers from all but the burgundy)
Hook: 6.5mm

Special Stitches:
Shell Stitch = 3 Double crochet into the same stitch/space (much like you would do when making a granny square)

Ch 24 for the first chevron and ch 23 For each of the next 6 chevrons, for a total of 162 ch sts to make a 7 chevron wide blanket  (add another set of 23 ch for another chevron if you like, it will make the blanket wider)

Row 1: Ch 3 + turn, shell st in th 4th ch from hook,*( skip 2ch, shell in next ch) 3 times. Ch2, Shell st in the same st as the last shell.  (Skip 2 ch, shell st in next ch) 3 more times. Skip 4 ch, shell into next ch. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row

Row 2: Ch3 + turn, *(shell st in between  each of the next 2 shell sts) 3 times. (shell st, ch2, shell st) in the ch 2 space that makes up the top of the chevron, then (shell st in between  each of the next 2 shell sts) 3 times*. Skip the next shell space, the one that makes up the bottom of the chevron. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row. Dc in the top of the ch that began the previous row.
Repeat Row 2 until your first color reaches a desired length, then switch colors.

Repeat Row 2 in your color pattern until the afghan is the desired length (mine was a grand total of 65 pattern rows)


  1. yay finally! it looks really good :)

  2. What is the shell st? It looks like it's maybe 3 double crotchets?

    1. Yes, a shell stitch is 2 dcs into the same stitch.