Sunday, March 20, 2011

Projects all over the place!

So I haven't posted in a while, and I can't blame it on any one thing. I moved from Missouri back to my hometown in Michigan, which was quite the ordeal. Due to the fact that my lease in Missouri was paid up until the end of April, on top of the fact that it is impossible to hunt for an apartment from three states away, I am temporarily staying with my folks. I love them to death, but this has resulted in about 95% of my possessions being in storage boxes in the garage. This includes most of my crafting supplies.

I have managed to keep a few projects going. And going. And going.

I'm working on an afghan for my sister, which is coming along well, but it is a large project and not very portable given the quantity of yarn I have to drag about with me. I also started working on an R2D2 hat with some random yarn I found in the garage while moving. Its 98% finished, but I need to add his little red button. This involves finding my red yarn, which is in a storage box at the bottom of the pile. I'm also in progress on my coin bra for my bellydancing costume. Its got about 50 coins already on it, and I'm thinking I should start adding other fun things which I have yet to find/buy.

As if that were't enough, I've also picked up some tulle from the craft store and made a dish scrubby with it. It was nice quick project that lends itself to becoming Christmas gifts next season.

So now, if i can actually finish a project, I will happily post it and its pattern for your thorough enjoyment. Until then, I keep picking up new things to work on and then leaving them amongst the growing pile of unfinished objects (UFOs) which live in the bottom of my bin.

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