Saturday, September 25, 2010

Too Many Projects, Never Enough Time

So, I did manage to finish my recycled grocery bag, but I am still in progress of working on my Avalon Sweater ( using the giant 1lb ball of yarn donated to me by Donna. She couldn't stand working with it, and I can understand why. Though, since the sweater has such an open pattern, I'm usually crocheting into chain spaces which makes life easier.

I am also working on blankets to donate to the Humane Society. The animals there have metal crates, and they only get blankets if someone donates them, since they leave with the animal after use. I'm working together with some of the girls at school, since our Professional Development professor agreed to give us community service credits for our effort. We also found out about a Rabbit Rescue in need of similar donations, though they require 100% cotton, since the bunnies will chew on their blankets.

Went to Joann's and pick up some inexpensive cotton yarn and a few skeins of the Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Then I cleaned out my yarn stash and pulled a few half-used skeins of varying god-awful colors that I don't ever see myself using again. I figure this might be a good chance to try out some new stitches, since the animals won't be picky about how pretty they are in the end. But at least for my first blanket, its a giant granny square pattern.

If you do want to donate to your local humane society, call them in advance and make sure they are accepting donations. If you are really nice, ask them what sizes they need. I had patterns for some 1' diameter round mats for small dogs and cats that I was planning to make and donate, but when I called, they said they were in need of something approximately 2' square. Easy enough to make exactly what they need, and you know some poor little dog is gonna be able to cuddle up with it right away.

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