Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Lace

So I have been working to create my own pattern in order to make a lace mask to match the choker I recently tackled. Its a bit of a challenge, seeing as I only started doing lace-work back at the beginning of August. I have to say though, starting with a small project like a bookmark was a good plan. Some of the bookmark patterns on Ravelry are really cute, and even show you how to add a button or clasp to turn them into a bracelet.

I tried looking on ravelry and all over the web to find a crochet pattern for a mask, having seen an AMAZING tatted mask a while back. I don't really want to pick up tatting for the sole purpose of doing an expert pattern, but I am pretty experienced with crochet, and I figured I could handle that. But alas, no (free) patterns to be found.

Anyways, I'm killing my fingertips trying to work and re-work this pattern, and I'm hoping to get about 75% done with it by the end of the day. Hopefully the pattern will work, and the glorious pictures will be posted. I hope.

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