Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Crochet 2012

Alright Folks! The gifts have been given and here's the crochet round-up!

Michigan State Scarf
No pattern for this one. I think I started with a ch 14, but don't quote me on that. I know I used dcs in each stitch across. I ch 2 in the turning chain, because, for me, that helps to even out the rows.
Added a fringe. Thats about it.
6.5mm Hook & Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Winter Day Moebius Cowl
Made just like I did the Rainy Day Mobeius Cowl last Christmas.
The yarn was "Sensations Rainbow Boucle" and it was NOT fun to work with. They LIE when they say you need a 5.5mm hook. LIES. SO I ended up working 2 strands together and using a 6.5mm hook. Not bad, but if I could find my 9mm hook, I bet that would be even better. Still turned out nice though.

Pineapple Pattern Shawl
I really love this pattern. Its called the Sidewalk Shawl and it is very pretty. Not too complicated once you get going either. I used Red Heart Super Saver and I stopped short of the pattern because it was big enough. Used a 6.5mm hook (are you seeing a trend yet?)
Very pleased with this one overall.

Magnificent Mantle Shawl
Well, this shawl pattern did not work well with this yarn. Again, I used the "Sensations Rainbow Boucle". My crochet center triangle came out so deformed that I frogged it and knit the stupid triangle. Just adding one increase on the first and last st of each row. Size 3 circular knitting needles for the center and 5.5mm crochet hook for the edging.

Golden Glimmer Fan Shawl
I used this Fan Shawl Pattern and Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn (in Topaz). I LOVE both the pattern AND the yarn. Used a 3.25mm hook and it worked up beautifully. Of the three shawls that I made up this year, this is my favorite pattern, and it got tons of compliments while I was working on it. 2 skeins wasn't really enough yarn though.

Seaside Scarf & Hat Set
Oh, look, more of the horrible "Sensations Rainbow Boucle" yarn. Why did I buy so much of this?! I knit the scarf using size 9 knitting needles, with the yarn held double. Improvised the hat with a 6.5mm hook and the yarn held double again. I fully intended to make a set of mittens or gloves to go with the set, but I just couldn't make it happen. Cast on to knit them 3 times with 3 different size DPNs and never could get the right gauge. Crochet just seemed like it would have been a nightmare because I couldn't see ANY stitches. At least its pretty.

Kevlar Survival Bracelet
Yes, you heard me. Kevlar. I stumbled across kevlar string on and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a survival bracelet for my favorite doomsday prepper, Kevin. I worked the first and last rows around a 3/4" parachute buckle and the rest is dc sts. I think the first and last row are sc stitches for stability. You CAN cut through the thread to trim it, if needed, FYI.

Baby Blues Cardigan
This is another pattern that was super easy and super cute. Its called the Don't Be Square Cardigan and it is 2 granny-style hexagons that are simply seamed on the sleeves and back. SO SIMPLE! I made this in September and didn't write down the hook I used, but I know I used scraps of "Red Heart" and "I Love this Yarn".

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  1. Awesome projects, my dear! Love the look of the evil Sensations Rainbow Boucle yarn, so I can see why you bought it. Sorry it ended up being such a pain to work with, but the results look fantastic! <3