Thursday, October 4, 2012

R2D2 Fleece Hat Pattern

Yes, Ladies and Gents, here it is! Since everyone want to wear a hat fashioned after their favorite droid, I've got the pattern for you!

Step 1: Download the Image and print it 8.5"x11" (you may have to scale things)
Step 2: Cut out the paper pieces to serve as your pattern
Step 3: Aquire Fabric/Materials

You'll Need:
1/4- 1/2 yds White Fleece
1/4yds Blue Fleece
Scraps of Red Fleece
Scraps of Black Fleece
Coordinating threads (I used Black and White)
Sewing Needle or Machine

Step 4: Pin the paper pattern pieces and cut out the fabric. Check which direction your fabric is the most stretchy, and use the indicator arrows to help line up your pattern for maximum stretch-ability.
For the "Earflap Band" use White Fleece. You'll either fold the fabric, and place the indicated edge up to the fold, or cut 2 mirror imaged pieces out, leaving about 1/4" extra seam allowance at the edge that says "Fold". This should be white. If you're going to line your hat (which I highly advise) repeat this cutting on the fabric that you'd like to line the earflap band. (I chose white fleece again)
For the "Crown" piece, cut 6 identical pieces from the white fleece. If you're lining your hat, cut another 6 pieces out of the lining fabric (I used Blue fleece for the lining).
Cut 3 circles out, 2 in black fleece and 1 in red fleece.
Cut your squares/rectangles out of blue fleece. I used the pattern piece to cut 2 square-ish pieces and 2 smaller rectangles (though I only ended up using one). I also cut 2 rectangles that were approx 2"x4".

Step 5: Assemble! Take 2 of your crown pieces, and place them right-sides together, and stitch up one side up towards the point. Grab another crown piece, put it right-sides together with one of those pieces, and stitch again. Always Make sure you have right-sides together, putting your seams on the wrong-side. Repeat this process until all 6 pieces of the crown are connected and make up the top of the hat.
Next, Take your earflap band and fold it in half with right-sides facing (or if in 2 pieces, simply place right-sides together). Seam up the short end(s).
Now, place your completed crown piece into the completed ear-band, with right sides facing. Make sure to line-up the seams at the back of the hat. The ear-flap parts should be facing away from the seam you're about to sew. Stitch the ear-flab band all around, connecting it to the crown.

Voila! You just made a hat! If you're going to make a lining, repeat step 5 all over again with the lining pieces.

Step 6: Decorate! Take the outside of the hat (as opposed to the lining) and pin on all of the Applique pieces that you want to use. You can either top-stitch these on with a machine (I did this using black thread) or hand-stitch them on.

Step 7: Attach the lining. Turn the outside of the hat inside-out, and add the lining inside of it so that the right-sides are touching. Pin all around the earflappy side of the ear-flap band. Begin stitching about 1" to the right of the back seam, and stitch all the way around until you are about 1" from the back seam again. Use this gap to turn the hat right-sides out. Tuck and tug until it looks like a hat again, and then stitch your gap closed.

Step 8: Enjoy your super-awesome R2D2 Fleece Hat!!!

Want it in a different size? Here's how to custom size it!!!

Measure around your head, just above the ears. Use this number as your circumference or "C", mine was 22". Measure from the top of where the hat will be on your head, down to your hairline. This will be your depth or "D", mine was 6". Now measure how tall your ear is, thats going to be "E", and mine was about 3".

See where my pattern has 11" for the width of the earband (when folded in half)? That measurement for you should be 1/2 of C. For the height of the earband, use E, and for the ear flap portion, use E plus 1-1.5".

If you take C and divide it into 6 equal segments, adding a smidge for seam allowance, you'll get the width of each crown piece (Mine was 3.5"). Use D to determine how tall your crown pieces should be, and make sure the top point is always 60 degrees. I found 60 degrees by taking a circle, folding it in half, then folding it into thirds. Each of the 6 slices is a 60 degree angle, and you can trace this to make the top of the point.

The applique pieces aren't very specific for size, so see if they still fit. If not, its very easy to trim them down or simply add more!


  1. Sorry to say the measurements were COMPLETELY off. It didn't even fit over my dolls head. And even though it says "stretch" that doesn't do anything.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that! For one, make sure that the image is printed to full 8.5" x 11" sizing. The stretch should be already in your fleece. You're simply making sure that the direction of the stretch matches the arrows on the pattern. Lastly, you should leave yourself an additional seam allowance OUTSIDE the pattern pieces (see step 4).

      Hope this helps!

  2. This pattern worked great for me, thanks! :)