Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lace is Lovely

So I recently bought a new book on Crochet Borders. I'm always looking for inspiration on how to edge the baby blankets which never seem to end. (Seriously, I've hit the phase of life where everyone is getting pregnant on purpose!)

Its a great book, and its given me some excellent inspiration. As if there weren't enough projects on my to-do list, I got the chance to put together a beautiful lace sample swatch.

So my plan is to use the edging on a heirloom bridal veil. I think that handmade lace on the edge of a simple oval veil would make a lovely hand-me down that could stay in a family. It was a request for someone, and I wasn't sure if I could do it until I made a sampler.

I love it. I'm just not sure if the narrower, simpler version wouldn't make a more subtle edge. I'm undecided.

Either way, the sample swatch is going to have some buttons added to one side, and some button holes on the other, so my sister can have it as a cuff-bracelet.

In the meantime, I've got myself started on another afghan (ugh), I've got to put the finishing touches on a baby sweater (need to go buy buttons), and I'd like to start doing more lace-work since I find it absolutely stunning.

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  1. looks great! What a great book - adding that to my wish list :)