Monday, December 12, 2011

Telephone Pictionary

This is one of those games that I can't help but share. Its a combination of Pictionary and telephone (as the name suggests) where the starting phrase will get transformed by way of drawings and guesses. You don't need any skill at the actual game of Pictionary in order to play. All you have to be able to do is draw a stick figure. Poorly.
Everyone wins, everyone laughs, and everyone has fun.

5+ Players (More is fine, but it doesn't work with less)
One sheet of paper per player (per round)
One pen/pencil per player
Writing surface for each player (that's not too crowded, you need a bit of room)

1. Each player gets a sheet of paper and writes their name in the lower right corner. Then, within the top 1" of the paper, they write their starting sentence. It can be a quote, a song lyric, a song title, a random phrase, or anything else you so please. Minimum of three words is suggested.
2. Each player should then fold over the top of the paper so that it just covers the writing. Everyone should then pass the folded paper to the player to their immediate left.
3. As each player receives the new game paper, they will unfold the flap to reveal the phrase. FOLD the flap back down FIRST, and then use the next 1"-2" of paper to DRAW the phrase you've just read. Pictionary rules apply (no words, etc). Be quick. Use stick figures. You don't need to be an artist.
4. Once you've finished drawing, you'll fold over the paper again (leaving the initial fold shut) so that the picture you just drew is hidden. Pass left again.
5. This time, you open the paper to reveal the picture (you should not be able to see the original phrase). Fold the paper back over, and in the next 1" of space beneath THAT fold, you'll write what you guess the picture means. Sometimes you can guess the original phrase, but oftentimes you just have to write what you see. Not having a clue is part of the fun!
6. After writing the new phrase, fold the paper so that it covers the phrase (by now the folding starts to get awkward, so just do your best to keep it so the next person can see the phrase you wrote, but not the picture before it.) Pass left again.
7. Repeat the drawing phase outlines in step 3. Fold again and pass left.
8. This is the last stage. This person will repeat step 5, creating the final interpretation phrase. Once everyone completes this step, you can unfold the whole page to see where the phrase got started. Laugh at the changes the phrase went through and then pass it back to the person who started it.

Game Notes:
This game is better when nobody is easily offended.
Please recycle your game papers! Use the backs even!
If you have more than 5 people, you still only want to pass it 4 times (as described above).
If someone mucks up the folding, which they will, just try not to peek at the words/pictures that you're not supposed to see.
Have a few drinks while you play, it gets far more entertaining.
Before you write down a phrase, keep in mind that someone has to try and draw it. (And that you'll end up seeing that picture. And that you can't un-see something.)
Pictionary rules apply, but we allow "house rules" where you can use symbols, roman numerals, etc to help you. No English letters or words!


  1. This is hillarious! I think I need to bring this one out during the ski trip with the fiance's family! :)

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