Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Hoodie

Found this pattern through Ravelry and finished it a few weeks ago, but never got the pix off my camera to post them.

This "Cozy Hoodie" pattern is through the Bernat website, so it's free, you just have to give them a junk email address and sign up. I did have some gauge issues with this one, so I ended up going by the measurements written as opposed to stitch count, which was fine. I also feel like I should note that I love the way this worked up with the Red Heart Super Savers Camo. I generally HATE the way that yarn works up with dc or larger sts, but the sc and sc + ch patterns seem to look much better. In case you were ever thinking about buying that yarn.

Oh, I did add some gussets under the arms to add flexibility (seeing as it IS for a child) but I kinda freehanded those, and I don't remember now what I did.

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