Monday, June 27, 2011

Christmas in July (well, almost...)

I got one of my regular emails from and their topic was "Christmas Crochet Patterns". "WTF?!" I thought to myself - its not even July yet!

However, they made a good point - if you want to have enough time for a holiday afghan, you've got to get started now. Or at least you do when you're me.
I'm not planning to make anybody an afghan this year, but there were a few things I wanted to make, and a few things I think are cool. So here's some fun patterns should you decide to get started on your holiday crochet early.

Ornament Cover (to spruce up old/plain ornaments)
Jingle Bell Garland
Plarn Gift Bag

I am also looking for a way to display all of my holiday cards, so we'll see what I come up with for that.

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